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Whidbey Sun & Wind is proud to serve customers in the Puget Sound region, as one of the most experienced renewable energy companies in the Northwest. We specialize in renewable energy system integration, including solar electric, solar water heating, wind power, and micro-hydro power systems.  about us >

With current incentives, residential systems using Itek modules are paying for themselves in about 5 years and going on to produce free clean electricity for many years after!

Wood Stone Community Solar Project


The WSW crew enjoyed the challege of repairing and updating this remote off grid PV installation!

Read the artice from the NPS publication 'Sustainability News'

Hozomeen Off-Grid Photovoltaic(PV) System Repaired Following Vandalism


Live PV Production :

According to PSE, there are over 75 grid-tied PV systems on Whidbey Island cranking out gorgeous solar electricity!

  • Click to see here-and-now data for some of our local PV system installations.
  • As of August 2013, WSW systems utilizing enphase micro-inverters have recorded a total lifetime energy of over 308 MWh.

Portfolio Highlight :

6kW Silicon Energy solar installation on Lopez Island


PSE Green Power YouTube Clip

Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Program interviews Kelly Keilwitz, Green Power business participant and founder of Whidbey Sun and Wind on why and how solar works in Washington state. Despite its meteorological shortcomings, the Pacific Northwest is becoming a bright spot for solar. Washington has doubled the amount of solar power generated each year since 2006 and the solar industry is creating jobs six times faster than the overall job market. Click here to view the video.


Customer Reviews :

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“Before deciding to install our solar system, we contacted several prospective contractors for proposals. Whidbey Sun & Wind (WSW) responded in a timely manner with a comprehensive proposal that was price-competitive. Before making the final decision, we had a few additional questions which were promptly and thoroughly answered. Based on a comparison of the systems proposed and their costs as offered by the various contractors, we selected WSW. We are extremely happy with that decision. Mark, the project manager, saw that the work was completed as scheduled and as specified. The installation crew - Adam, Golda & Kyle were personable, professional, and efficient in accomplishing their work. The entire team worked closely with us throughout the installation and start-up process, and we’re very happy with the results. We're "up and running" now - watching the PSE meter "spin backwards". Surprisingly, we even see some production on cloudy, rainy days - and when the sun shines bright, wow! When you consider installing a residential solar system, we strongly recommend you consider Whidbey Sun & Wind.”

"We were quite pleased with the work done by Whidbey Sun and Wind. Our solar system is a work of art on our roof, making a statement to folks on Fidalgo Island that there are alternatives to the continued dependence on fossil fuels, that the alternatives are already here. WS&W''s representative, Mark Anderson, was always easy to reach, thoughtful, and good to work with. Highly recommended."

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